Dreary day?

So what?!

Get up off of that couch!

We have a list of fun stuff to do on a rainy day!

Don’t let that pitter-patter sound get you down!

Yeah, yeah…

I get it.

When you are a parent, it can be challenging finding activities to do on a rainy day because children’s interests only go so far for so long and they have ten times the energy that we do!

It has helped me greatly to have a list of activities to do with my own children.

This way, when the weather is crappy and I cannot think of what to do with them, I can resort to this list.

Several of these activities can be done with older children, as well, and you do not have to spend a lot of money to engage in most of these fun events!

If you find that you need some reasonable materials, you can find some items here.


Rainy day fun… here we go!

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  1. Play Hide-n-Seek 

  2. Build forts in the living room and see who has the best fort

  3. Hide plastic eggs around the house and have your children find them

  4. Play board games

  5. Make towers with marshmallows and toothpicks

  6. Lay on the floor and let your kids climb all over you!

  7. Play Hot Potato

  8. Sit in a rocking chair together and read some books

  9. Take a random object and see how many things you can make with it (For example, a wrapping paper tube can be a horn, a paddle to a boat and a limbo stick)

  10. Make homemade birthday cards for friends and family who have birthdays this month

  11. Take silly pictures of each other

  12. Bake cookies

  13. Stick glow-in-the-dark stars all over the ceiling and then lay on the floor and try to count them all

  14. Have a cleaning contest to see who can clean up the toys the fastest!

  15. Wash toys in the kitchen sink

  16. Have a “snowball” fight with clean, balled-up socks

  17. Play What Time Is It, Mr. Fox?

  18. Play I Spy

  19. Play Truth or Dare

  20. Make a collage out of old magazines 

  21. Throw balls into a laundry basket from a distance

  22. See who can stand on one foot the longest!

  23. Have a staring contest

  24. Just dance to some music!  

  25. “Remodel” a part of the house together so that it becomes a playroom, a reading room or a quiet room

  26. Take turns giving each other 3-step instructions to do: (run around the couch, do a somersault and then shake your butt like a dog)

  27. Make a Dream Board where each person designs a board that represents what they want for their future

  28. Write and illustrate a story about each other and then read the story to that person

  29. Fish for socks (Mix up a bunch of socks into a large pile and then see who can find matches the fastest. Whoever has the most matches wins!)

  30. Play Construction Paper Twister (throw different colored construction paper sheets down on the carpet and then tell players to place hands or feet on certain colors)

  31. Set up an obstacle course and time how long it takes everyone to get through it

  32. Play Find My Underwear (hide someone’s clean underwear somewhere in the house and then have the family find it)

  33. Clean a closet together and enjoy going through some old things 

  34. Do a Show n’ Tell where each family member chooses a special item of theirs and then tells the rest of the family about that item and why it has such meaning

  35. Have a singing contest 

  36. Drink hot chocolate together

  37. Tell funny stories

  38. Work together to keep a balloon up in the air for as long as possible

  39. Have a pillow fight

  40. Put together a Love Package for someone in need and send it to them (kids can make homemade cards/drawings to add to it) 

  41. Pop popcorn the old-fashioned way (on the stove)

  42. Have a hair and makeup party 

  43. Play Simon Says

  44. Engage in a game of: Monkey in the Middle

  45. Play Follow the Leader

  46. Sport the activity of: Guess the Item (Each member picks a household item and puts it into a box/bin and then others have to guess what it is by asking ‘yes’ or ‘no’ questions)

  47. Make homemade orange juice (this takes time because you have to squeeze a lot of oranges!)

  48. Do a virtual call together to someone whom you all have not spoken with in a very long time

  49. Have a picnic in the living room, complete with a blanket and picnic basket

  50. Play Guess Who Knocked (one person goes into a room and closes the door. The rest of the family stands outside the door and one member knocks on the door. The person in the room has to guess who knocked)

  51. Make a clothesline (Tie pieces of clothing to other pieces of clothing and see how long of a clothesline you can make!)

  52. Play Pin the Tail on the Donkey

  53. Make homemade Playdough and then have fun playing with it

  54. Make old fashioned homemade popsicles using Kool-Aid, ice cube trays and popsicle sticks/toothpicks

  55.  Play Who Stole the Cookie? (Place a cookie on a table. Any person can “steal” it at any point throughout the day. If they get caught stealing it by another family member, then they have to put it back. If not, then the family has fun trying to guess which family member actually “stole” the cookie. This game works best if you have a larger family)

  56. See who can stack toilet paper the highest without it falling. Better yet, work together to see how high you can get it!

  57. Play Blanket Burrito (take turns rolling each other up in blankets on the floor like a burrito!) 

  58. Play Leap Frog

  59. Get behind one another to make a train and then chug around the house to some music  

  60. Build intricate block towers

  61. Build intricate card towers out of playing cards

  62. Play Pass the Parcel

  63. Work on a 1,000 piece puzzle together (or whatever number of pieces is appropriate for your family) 

  64. Make a unique dessert together

  65. Play Musical Statues

  66. Make tambourines (Tape 2 paper plates together and tuck dried beans inside. Be certain the paper plates are completely sealed so the beans don’t fly out!)

  67. Dress up and have a fashion show

  68. Play Musical Chairs

  69. Make a collage of everyone’s handprints

  70. Break the rules and blow bubbles with a straw and glass of milk

  71. Make the longest chain of paperclips ever!

  72. Take turns playing Thumb War

  73. Make puppets out of brown paper lunch bags and then put on a puppet show

  74. Make and decorate paper airplanes and see which one can fly the furthest

  75. Try origami (paper folding)

  76. Build various car ramps out of items around the house 

  77. See who can do the most push-ups, jumping jacks and/or sit-ups

  78. Plan a future, family vacation

  79. Make personal, homemade pizzas and see who can design the most unique pizza 

  80. Play card games: Go Fish, Old Maid, Kings Corners, Black Jack, Bridge, Rummy, Euchre

  81. Play Charades

  82. Make a Memory Jar (Have everyone write down their favorite memories onto slips of paper and put them into a special jar)

  83. Create Memory Blocks (Take a block for each event and write a memory with a marker about the event on each side of the block)

  84. Build Paper Chains

  85. Go Bowling (Find items around the house to use as “pins” and take turns rolling a ball to knock them down)

  86. Make smoothies

  87. Paint pictures

  88. String O-shaped cereal and make bracelets and necklaces

  89. Have a pajama party

  90. Tell jokes

  91. Make Pet Rocks

  92. Play Rock, Paper, Scissors

  93. Read a chapter book together and have each family member read a few paragraphs and then pass the book for the next person to read

  94. Make a gift basket for someone special

  95. Work together to keep a beach ball or other light-weighted ball up in the air

  96. Hand each family member a sheet of paper, each with a different, odd shape drawn onto it and then have them make something out of the shape with crayons. For example, a long, squiggly shape could be turned into a slide or a roller coaster! Share afterwards.

  97. Finger paint

  98. Start an indoor garden

  99. Make a Pillow-Pile in the middle of the living room to roll around, jump in, or sit and read in.

  100. Snuggle

There you have it!

Fun stuff to do on a rainy day!

And here is a bonus…

Number 101: Some creative fun within a box! Check it out here!



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