It’s been a long day!

Your child has been away from you all afternoon and now he just wants to snuggle and spend time with you!

What are some special things that you two can do together?

Since your brain is already fried from the hectic day you had, Mama’s Grilled Cheese has got you covered!

Here is a list of ideas for some fun after school activities that you can do together!

  1. Share a snack

  2. Work on homework together

  3. Bake cookies

  4. Play a board game

  5. Read books

  6. Camp under the stars

  7. Go fishing

  8. Sing songs

  9. Make a craft

  10. Play outside

  11. Go for a car ride

  12. Go shopping

  13. Talk about the day

  14. Do a puzzle

  15. Watch a movie

  16. Play dress-up

  17. Take a walk

  18. Go get ice cream

  19. Color

  20. Draw pictures

  21. Count spare change in your change jar

  22. Make smoothies

  23. Play pretend

  24. Paint each other’s nails

  25. Build a fort

  26. Play with Legos

  27. Do each other’s hair

  28. Play Tag

  29. Do word search puzzles together

  30. Play Dots and Squares pencil/paper game

  31. Have a pretend tea party

  32. Play Hide n’ Seek

  33. Take silly selfie pictures

  34. Write down special summer memories and put them in a memory jar

  35. Cook dinner together

  36. Play Hangman

  37. Pick out school clothes for the next day together

  38. Make special plans for the weekend

  39. Talk about your dreams

  40. Make homemade popsicles

  41. Build a house with toothpicks and marshmallows

  42. Make S’mores

  43. Play Tic Tac Toe

  44. Play Hand Clap games

  45. Listen to music together

  46. Make up a silly song

  47. Do a paint-by-number together

  48. Draw each other’s shadow

  49. Go see a movie at a theater

  50. Finish each other’s drawings

  51. Make hand puppets and have a little puppet show

  52. Play Cat’s Cradle game

  53. Play Charades

  54. Roll each other up in a blanket like a burrito!

  55. Do a scavenger hunt

  56. Fold laundry together

  57. Play with Play-Doh

  58. Go looking for frogs or butterflies

  59. Enjoy blowing bubbles together outside

  60. Write in a journal together

  61. Play video games

  62. Grab a pizza

  63. Go to a play place

  64. Enjoy some time at the park

  65. Work on a scrap book together

  66. Simply sprawl out on the floor and talk

  67. Play basketball out on the driveway

  68. Take a bike ride

  69. Bake muffins or a bread for breakfast the next morning

  70. Snuggle under a blanket together on the couch

And there you have it, my friends!

70 great ways to spend time with your child after school!

Now pick from the list and enjoy!

These moments go by so quickly…soak up every minute that you can!


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