Whether it be Sweetest Day or Valentine’s Day, the object is love.

Typically, it is for true love.

However, we can also use these days to think about other kinds of love.

We can think about the love that we have for family and friends.

Or maybe even for our fur babies.

But what about love for someone who you hate?

Maybe someone who you actually despise?

What about a little love for…



Well, before you click away from this post…

Hear me out!

You may actually be happy that you continued this read!

Think About Your Nemesis

Ok, you still have to give me a chance here.

I know that you don’t want to think about the worst person you ever met.

The one who taunted you throughout high school.

Or maybe it is your current boss right now who embarrasess you during team meetings.

Perhaps it is the infamous mother-in-law who passive aggressively makes your life miserable.

Or maybe it is the neighbor next door who purposely hounds you about every little inch you move.

Whomever your arch nemesis is, I want you to think about them for just a few moments.

But don’t focus so much on the shitty things that they’ve done to you!

Just think about them, as a human being.

If that’s even possible.

Now, let’s quickly move on before having to think about your worst enemy brings up too many feelings…

Why Do I Dislike This Person?

THAT is the question here.

Again, don’t focus on the horrible things that they’ve said or done to have made them the target on your dart board.

Think about them as a human.

Why, on earth, is this person so dog gone mean to you?

Do you think it is jealousy?

Jealousy over what?

Do you think it is anger towards you?

Why would they be angry towards you?

Do you think it is because of their own personal insecurity?

Why would they feel insecure around you?

Now, none of these thoughts should make you feel bad.

They are simply questions we need to ask in order to understand this person better.

You see, once we understand that the dark is just the dark, it doesn’t seem so scary anymore.

Same here.

Once we understand that this person is probably just acting out on some crazy emotion…



Just maybe…

We can have the slightest bit of empathy for them.


Gotta Soft Spot?

Now, I’m not trying to get you to dismiss all of the feelings that you have towards this person.

I am not even downplaying the crappy things that they said or did to ya.

We’re simply looking for a soft spot – somewhere – for this person.

Personal Spot

I have many enemies.


And one day, I will share more of my story with you as to why.

But my biggest enemy is my own mother.

She had a stroke several years ago.

But it made her personality change.

She has done a number on my life!

And she has ruined so many relationships for me!

She even costed me a couple of really good jobs!

I have a lot of anger and it is very hard for me to even be around her.

But when I start thinking about the why…


It’s not really her fault that she had a stroke and it changed who she was.


As hard as it is for me to continue to have a relationship with her, I still do.

Even though it is at as much of a distance as possible without making her feel like it is.

If that makes any sense.

Bottom line here –

Find that soft spot for that person.

Even if it is incredibly miniscule.

You’ll need that for this next step.

Send a Bit of Love

So, you’ve found a soft spot for your arch nemesis.

Good for you!

Now let’s send that soft spot a bit of love!

What are some things that you could say or do to show some sweetness to the person who you hate?

I am not talking about becoming sudden pals and going out for drinks!

I mean, you could if you wanted to.

But I am talking about starting out small.

And, for some of you dear readers, it may be very, very small.

Perhaps you decide to simply flash your enemy a genuine smile as you walk through the office.

Maybe you decide to give a compliment about this person to your boss.


Okay…let’s try something else…

What about simply erasing the smirk on your face when this person makes a nasty comment at you?

Would you like to just be anonymous through this challenge?

Maybe you can leave a gift card (enough to buy a coffee or two) on this disliked person’s desk.

Or you could wheel the grinchy neighbor’s trash bins to their front door for them after the trash goes.

Whatever you decide to do, think of something small, but nice!

Maybe even something that you would enjoy if someone were to send you a little love!

By the way, if it is your boss who you are trying to like, you may want to read here.

Quick Share

You may be wondering how I show a little love to my mother.

The mother who costed me so many relationships.

Well, it’s hard.

I am not going to lie.

My mother will tell me that she loves me before we hang up from talking on the phone.

But I can’t even get those words to leave my mouth when she says that to me.

So, I simply say, “Ok, if you need anything, let me know.”

And, guess what?

That is how I send a little bit of love to her.

I still care about her, sure!

But I just can’t get past all of the hurt that she’s caused me.

So, I simply say, “If you need anything, let me know.”

And that does it.

For me, anyway.

Sending a bit of love to the woman who made my life a living hell.

You Can Do It!

You can do this!

You can!

You can love everyone – even your worst enemy!

Just think about why that person may be so mean towards you.

Then, take that reasoning and make it your soft spot for them.

Afterwards, find a teeny tiny way of sending a bit of love to that person.

Remember, we all need a little love.

Even the people whom you most hate!

Be a part of the healing process and send light – not darkness.

Make the world a little bit of a better place!

I send my love to all of you, my dear readers!


Have you ever sent a little love to someone you hate?

If so, feel free to share in the comment section below!

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