Easter is one of my most favorite holidays, but I used to struggle to find easter-related activities to do with my kids.

That is why I put together this list of 50 fun Easter activities to do with your kids so that you don’t get stuck like I did with trying to come up with things to do!

Are you ready?

Hang on to your Easter bonnets!

Here we go…

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  1. Make a Bunny Puppet out of a brown paper bag and craft items

  2. Put on a Bunny Puppet Show after creating Bunny Puppets (as in #1)

  3. Play Leap Bunny (like Leap Frog except pretend to be bunnies!)

  4. Draw Easter Pictures with sidewalk chalk

  5. Make Easter themed bookmarks for family and friends

  6. Read Easter books

  7. Attend Easter religious ceremonies

  8. Make Easter placemats out of paper and crayons and then laminate them so that you can use them during Easter supper.

  9. Dye Easter eggs

  10. Hide Easter eggs

  11. Make homemade Easter baskets out of lightweight cardboard boxes and craft items

  12. Create an Easter book and read it to the family

  13. Take turns talking about what Easter means to each of you and why it is important

  14. Have an Easter-themed picnic outside!

  15. Play BUNNY with a basketball (Played like HORSE except you spell BUNNY instead!)

  16. Play Golden Egg (Hide one special item in a plastic egg and then mix it in with a bowl full of empty plastic eggs. Each person takes turns opening a plastic egg until the one with the item is found!)

  17. Make a Bunny Cheese Sandwich! (A grilled cheese sandwich with cooked carrots (drained) added between the bread!)

  18. Make a homemade Easter bonnet!

  19. Have an Easter parade!

  20. Come up with your own Easter songs to sing!

  21. Make up your own secret bunny language!

  22. Tell religious stories and how Easter came to be

  23. Take a trip to the florist to get some tulips and put them in a vase to brighten up the house!

  24. Pretend to be baby chicks hatching out of eggs

  25. Have an egg race!

  26. Make carrot cake

  27. Bake Easter cookies

  28. Bake a Quick Bread such as: banana, zucchini or apple.

  29. Play with small Easter-themed toys

  30. Have a Bunny Hop race!

  31. Paint with marbles and pastel-colored paints, as you can learn to do here!

  32. Have an Easter party!

  33. Watch a movie in relation to the holiday

  34. Make a paper chain (using pink, purple, yellow and green construction paper) to help count down the days until Easter!

  35. Turn random handprints on paper into an Easter work of art!

  36. Nicely fill baskets with personal necessities and give them to those in need

  37. Volunteer at an organization and talk to your children about the importance of helping others

  38. Take flowers to a neighbor

  39. Take fun, family photos in your best Easter outfits!

  40. Fly kites 

  41. Go on an outdoor, spring-time hunt and search for all things that signal spring!

  42. Blow bubbles

  43. Make Easter tambourines (Tape 2 paper plates together and tuck dried beans inside. Be certain the paper plates are completely sealed so the beans don’t fly out! Color or paint the tambourines in pastel colors!)

  44. Do an Easter-themed puzzle together

  45. Play Who Stole the Egg? (Place a plastic egg on a table. Any person can “steal” it at any point throughout the day. If they get caught stealing it by another family member, then they have to put it back. If not, then the family has fun trying to guess which family member actually “stole” the egg. This game works best if you have a larger family!)

  46. Make Easter Paper Airplanes! Color the paper with pastel colors ahead of time before folding it into an airplane.

  47. Play Musical Bunny Chairs (But instead of walking around the chairs, hop around the chairs like a bunny until the music turns off)

  48. Talk about planting a garden and decide on what vegetables to plant

  49. Do research together on an Easter topic, such as: bunnies, birds, chicks, the history of candy, and, yes, even Jesus! Draw or write about what you all learned and put your writings and pictures together to make a book.

  50. Crawl through tunnels and pretend to be bunnies living in a burrow.

And there you have it!

50 hoppy ideas for some Easter fun!

I hope that this list helps you enjoy some very special time with your family.

Blessings to you, my friends!


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