If you are looking for some fantastic outdoor games for the family, you’ve come to the right place!

As a parent, it can be extra challenging to clear your mind enough to try to think of outdoor activities to do that would keep everyone engaged and active.

So, guess what?

Mama’s Grilled Cheese has already done all of that thinking for you!

Sit back, relax and pluck some fun activities from this go-to outside activity list!


Outdoor games…here we go!

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  1. Draw with sidewalk chalk

  2. Ride bikes

  3. Play Hide n’ Seek

  4. Have a Three-Legged Race

  5. Set up an obstacle course

  6. Play What Time Is It, Mr. Fox?

  7. Play Mother May I?

  8. Collect a pile of sticks to see how high you can build them   

  9. Make Pet Rocks

  10. Make snow forts   

  11. Have a snowball fight

  12. Make tracks in the snow that lead to a prize and then have the family follow the tracks to find the prize

  13. Make snow angels

  14. Jump rope

  15. Hula Hoop 

  16. Have a race from one corner of the street to the next

  17. Play football

  18. Go hiking

  19. Have a picnic, complete with a blanket and a picnic basket

  20. Go swimming 

  21. Play in the sprinkler

  22. Play baseball

  23. Take a long walk

  24. Play catch with a ball 

  25. Play basketball

  26. Try to catch fireflies

  27. Build little houses out of rocks, leaves and sticks

  28. Go on a scavenger hunt

  29. Play soccer

  30. Eat some ice cream

  31. Fly kites

  32. Play frisbee

  33. Squirt each other with the hose

  34. Throw water balloons

  35. Play Hopscotch

  36. Have an outdoor movie night

  37. Play Parachute with an old sheet (have everyone hold an end of a sheet and work together to make it float up and down and let the kids run under it)

  38. Have everyone walk along the sidewalk and whoever steps on a “crack” first is out of the game! See who is the last person left!

  39. Go fishing

  40. See who can jump the farthest!

  41. Wash your car in the driveway with a hose, soap and scrub brush 

  42. Wash the deck

  43. Put on a talent show in the garage

  44. Play Duck, Duck, Goose

  45. Play Farmer in the Dell

  46. Wash the windows

  47. Rake leaves

  48. Go on a hunt for a long stick and then play Limbo with it

  49. Roll around in the grass

  50. Start a garden

  51. Step into a bucket of water with bare feet and then make footprints all over the driveway

  52. Play Leap Frog

  53. Search for a four-leaf clover

  54. Play Tag

  55. Go to an orchard and pick apples

  56. Pick flowers

  57. Play TV Tag

  58. Play Capture the Flag

  59. Swing

  60. Slide

  61. Play on a water slide

  62. Catch bugs

  63. Play Eye Spy

  64. Go on a butterfly hunt

  65. Make S’mores

  66. Jump off of the front porch (Carefully, of course!)

  67. Do an outdoor exercise class

  68. Make a Leaf Rubbing (Place a leaf under a sheet of white paper and then scribble over it with a crayon to see the leaf image)

  69. Build a fort

  70. Go play miniature golf

  71. Roller skate

  72. Rollerblade

  73. Make suncatchers

  74. Make and fly paper airplanes

  75. Blow bubbles

  76. Play golf with a small ball and a stick

  77. Pick white dandelions and make a wish before blowing the seeds off 

  78. Do something nice together for a neighbor

  79. Make tie dye shirts

  80. Ride scooters

  81. Play Horseshoes

  82. Play Pin the Tail on the Donkey

  83. Have a lemonade stand

  84. Take turns laying on the ground and outline each other’s body with sidewalk chalk

  85. Choose a piece of scenery and have everyone draw or paint the scenery. See whose picture looks more like it.

  86. Play tennis

  87. Take board games outside and sit on a blanket in the grass and play!

  88. Play badminton

  89. Play Simon Says

  90. Have a pool party

  91. Go to the beach

  92. Play Red Rover

  93. Play Red Light, Green Light

  94. Set up a homemade carnival and put each person in charge of creating and setting up a game station

  95. Play Ring Toss

  96. Play Monkey in the Middle

  97. Bird watch

  98. Play Cornhole

  99. Have fun with an oversized cardboard box

  100. Lay in the grass and read books

There you have it!

100 activities to do outdoors as a family!

And here is a bonus idea…

Number 101: Some creative fun within a box! Check it out here!



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