Water fun!!


Practically every child loves to play in the water!

But it is not always easy to think of what, exactly, to play.

Well, no worries, my friends!

Mama’s Grilled Cheese has a whole list of fun water-related things to do while playing in that fun summer sun!

Here is a list of 75 Outdoor Water Activities for Kids (and adults) that are sure to show everyone a real good time!

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  1. Throw water balloons!

  2. Play in a kiddie pool with little water toys!

  3. Try juggling ice cubes!

  4. Enjoy drawing with water pens on a water mat

  5. Go to the beach and play by the water!

  6. Stick your bare feet in a bucket of water and then make water footprints all over the driveway/sidewalk!

  7. Squirt each other (carefully) with a hose!

  8. Play on a splash pad

  9. Wash the car in the driveway with a hose, scrub brush and a bucket of soapy water!

  10. Go fishing!

  11. Watch ice cubes melt in the sun!

  12. Stand in the grass with a cup or a bucket of water and dump it on your head!

  13. Enjoy play on a water slide!

  14. Play in a sprinkler!

  15. Lay in the grass and play with a handheld water game

  16. Play with bubbles!

  17. Make a water trail on the driveway/sidewalk and have everyone follow it!

  18. Play Hide-n-Seek with water balloons. The seeker carries water balloons as they try to find the other players. When the other players are spotted, the seeker throws a water balloon at them. If the player gets hit with the water balloon, they are out of the game!

  19. Create a car wash for some toy cars!

  20. Fill cups with water and place a different colored food dye in each. Dip eggs into the cups and dye eggs! (You can do this any time of year – not just at Easter!)

  21. Make paper boats and have races to see whose boat floats the farthest the fastest!

  22. Plant a garden and water it with the hose!

  23. Make a book about creatures that live in the water!

  24. Bob for apples!

  25. Make a bunch of muddy puddles with a small pile of dirt and water from the hose and jump in them!

  26. Play with squirt guns!

  27. Make homemade slushies!

  28. Try to build a tower with ice cubes!

  29. Play in a water table

  30. In a large bowl of water or a kiddie pool, gather a variety of items and see which ones float and which ones sink!

  31. Play in an adult-size pool or go to a community pool!

  32. Fill buckets with water and pretend that they are soup or magic potions by stirring them with a spoon!

  33. Get creative on paper with watercolor paints!

  34. Drink water through a variety of fun curly straws!

  35. Play Marco Polo in a pool!

  36. Set up a kiddie pool and have the kids go fishing with toy fish and toy fishing poles!

  37. Find a variety of different items and put them in water to see if they will sink or float!

  38. Play Water Balloon Baseball! (The pitcher throws a water balloon at the batter and the batter hits it with the baseball bat. If it doesn’t break, the batter gets a point)

  39. Play Hose Tag (Someone holds the hose and tries to squirt the other runners with it. If the person holding the hose squirts a runner, then the runner is out of the game!)

  40. Play Musical Water Chairs (Played just like musical chairs but a water balloon is placed on each chair. When the music stops, players sit on the chairs and break the water balloons. The person with the most water balloons broken at the end wins!)

  41. Set up an obstacle course that includes challenges where the players would get wet!

  42. Wash the windows with a bucket of soap, a hose and a scrub brush!

  43. Play on a water bounce house

  44. Splash each other like crazy in a pool!

  45. Spray each other with spray bottles of water!

  46. Make music by pretending to play drums and splashing your hands in clean puddles of water!

  47. Jump up and down in puddles of water!

  48. Watch small bits of water evaporate off of the cement while in the sun!

  49. Play with water wiggler toys

  50. Pretend to be fish in a pool of water!

  51. See who can stand under the sprinkler the longest!

  52. Go to a water park!

  53. Have a race to see who can carry a small cup of water to the end of the finish line without spilling it! The one who has the most water in their cup at the end of the line wins!

  54. Play Ice Cube Hockey (Hit an ice cube on the cement with hockey sticks. Whoever gets an ice cube in the net before it melts first wins!)

  55. Play Guess What’s Wet (Fill a bucket with water and drop a random item in there. A player has to close their eyes, stick their hand in the bucket of water and guess what the item is by feeling it in the water. Note: It will be harder to tell what the item is if it is something that will start to get soggy in the water, such as cereal or a cookie!

  56. Play any game outside, but whoever wins gets blasted with water by the other players!

  57. Pretend to be flowers by “sprouting up” when the person with the watering can “waters” you!

  58. Play Tug of War under a sprinkler!

  59. Play in the rain!

  60. Use umbrellas under the sprinkler!

  61. Wet sand in a sandbox and make sandcastles! And then build a moat around them!

  62. Give baby dolls an outdoor bath!

  63. Play Freeze Dance by dancing around in the water via sprinkler/hose When someone shuts the water off everyone has to freeze! Whoever moves when it’s time to freeze is out!

  64. Toss some “buried treasure” into a pool and let the kids pretend to be scuba divers looking for it!

  65. Simply water the grass with the hose!

  66. Work together to keep a regular balloon up in the air while swimming in a pool!

  67. Play Water Balloon Catch with baseball mitts! Throw a water balloon back and forth to each other and catch it in your mitt. But! Be careful it doesn’t break on your catch, or your opponent gains a point!

  68. Create your own Backyard Water Park, complete with sprinklers, water slides, kiddie pools…the works!

  69. Go on a Water Egg Hunt by hiding plastic eggs full of water around the yard (make sure that you get plastic eggs that don’t have little holes in the bottom of them) and then have fun getting wet when their found and opened!

  70. Try playing Hopscotch while being flooded with bubbles from a nearby bubble blower!

  71. Play Outdoor Hair Salon by washing each other’s hair with water and styling it with brushes, barrettes and headbands!

  72. Play Hot Potato with a water balloon! When the music stops, whoever has the balloon has to pop it!

  73. Play with water beads in a bin!

  74. Try Hula Hooping under a sprinkler!

  75. Drink a glass of ice water and have a snack!

There you have it!

75 fun things to do in the water!

All you have to do is pick from the list, gather some materials and get the gang together!

Now go out there and have a wet and wild wonderful time!


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