In my article, Teaching Children: How to Love Themselves, we talk about loving our own selves first!

Sometimes it is a little hard to figure out how to show ourselves the extra attention that we deserve!

The following is a list of ideas to help you be more loving towards yourself!

When we learn to be kinder to ourselves, we create positive energy so that we can continue to care for others.

I hope that there is, at least, one thing on this list that will bring you some peace and some joy!

1. Take a bath

2. Take a walk

3. Brush your hair

4. Talk kindly to yourself in the mirror

5. Make a list of all of the great things about yourself

6. Take a nap

7. Eat a food that makes you feel great!

8. Watch your favorite movie

9. Wrap yourself in a warm blanket

10. Go out for a run

11. Sing to yourself

12. Buy yourself some flowers

13. Make yourself a card

14. Engage in an activity that you are good at

15. Give yourself a face massage

16. Rock yourself in a rocking chair

17. Read a book

18. Light some candles

19. Take a day off of work for yourself

20. Write a short autobiography

21. Spend some time alone in your thoughts

22. Look up at the stars

23. Take a drive to your favorite spot

24. Find a quote that resonates well with you

25. Buy yourself a new wardrobe

26. Take some selfies

27. Take a video of you giving yourself a pep talk

28. Say “no thank you” to something that you don’t really want to do

29. Take yourself on a picnic

30. Make a list of goals for yourself

31. Study something of interest to you

32. Draw up a perfect day and then live it!

33. Make travel plans to somewhere you’ve always wanted to go

34. Buy yourself a present

35. Write a nice letter to yourself, seal it and then don’t open it for 5 years

36. Listen to music that brings out the best in you

37. Enjoy a warm beverage of your choice (tea, coffee, hot chocolate, etc)

38. Allow yourself to sit and feel whatever emotions you are feeling

39. Give yourself a manicure/pedicure

40. Look at photos that make you feel happy

41. Spend time with people who make you feel good about yourself

42. Put some luxurious sheets on the bed so you sleep your best

43. Surround yourself with your favorite smell (cookies baking in the oven, scented candle or air freshener)

44. Do yoga

45. Meditate

46. Simply stand outside and breathe in some fresh air

47. Do some simple stretches

48. Lay on the couch and do absolutely nothing

49. Dance

50. Give yourself a hug

And that, my friends, is a quick list of 50 ways that you can love yourself!

Make certain that you always take some time out for yourself!

Remember how special you are and how much of a difference you make in this world!

An important person likes you deserves only the best!

Take care!


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