If you haven’t read my article yet: Teaching Children: The True Meaning of Christmas, you can check it out here.

There, I talk about how to teach your child about this special time of year opposite of what it has actually become.

Looking for activities and ideas to actually help your child learn about the true meaning of Christmas?

Check out the following list to help you find ways to give your child a powerful lesson in humbleness and love.

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1. Read books about the Nativity

2. Attend religious services

3. Volunteer together at an organization that helps others in need

4. Act out the Nativity scene together at home

5. Watch movies about the true meaning of Christmas: The Star, The Christmas Blessing, The Nativity Story (for teens and adults)

6. Sing holiday songs together

7. Break up the Nativity story into parts and have each family member research their part. Share.

8. Light candles

9. Do a Nativity puzzle together

10. Throw a birthday party for Jesus!

11. Create some snacks that resemble the Nativity scene

12. Enjoy an advent calendar

13. Make Nativity scene crafts

14. Read a Bible verse each day and talk about it

15. Go caroling together as a family and spread good cheer!

16. Set up an outdoor Nativity scene to share with the neighborhood

17. Set up an indoor Nativity scene

18. Give a gift from the heart

19. Leave positive notes for neighbors

20. Have fun with stickers related to the Nativity

21. Do a Bible activity book together

22. Research life during Jesus’s time and talk about it

23. Lay on the floor and imagine what it may have been like to meet baby Jesus for the first time!

24. Paint a picture of the Nativity scene

25. Eat foods that Jesus may have eaten

26. Gaze at the stars and focus on the north star

27. Talk about The Three Kings

28. Take a drive and look at Christmas lights. Talk about their meaning

29. Visit a baby and talk about how Jesus used to be a baby

30. Make a list of what is important in life and what is not

31. Have a Share Night where each person brings something special to share with the family

32. Pretend to be animals in the Nativity scene

33. Have a Game Night and play board games related to the Nativity scene

34. Play Christmas Bingo

35. Take a peaceful walk outside together and take in everything that God has made

36. Research camels and talk about how they played a role in the first Christmas

37. Collaborate on how to help someone achieve a goal (Maybe Uncle Joe needs a new cane, but doesn’t have the resources to get one)

38. Play Hide n’ Seek with a baby Jesus figure and pretend to be The Three Kings searching for the babe!

39. Give new life to Earth by planting a seed in a pot and growing a plant that you can transfer outside when the weather is warmer.

40. Simply be together as a family!

With any of these above activities, you are sure to enhance the holiday season for your child!

The spirit is about love, time together and humbleness.

Even if you replace one traditional holiday activity with something from the list above, then you have opened the door for the true meaning of Christmas to come through!

Cherish every little second together with a smile!

That’s what Christmas is truly about.

May you and your family have a blessed season and a gracious new year!


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