It’s Halloween!

You got the trick-or-treat bags ready!

The kids have got their costumes!

And it is almost dusk!

Time for trick-or-treating!

But wait!

Are you sure that you are ready?

Are you sure that you have everything?

You might be forgetting one thing:

Checking off 13 ways to stay safe on Halloween!

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1. Take a Flashlight

I know that you have alot to carry.

The last thing that you need is just one more thing.

But it is dark out there, folks!

And crime is more likely to happen in the dark.

So make a flashlight one of the most important things that you take with you.

Having a flashlight on while trick-or-treating can make a big difference!

It can prevent trip and fall accidents.

It can help you to see who is coming and going.

A flashlight will also help drivers see you, so it may be less likely for an accident to occur.

It may also deter criminals from approaching you and your family.

If you can, give each family member a flashlight to take with them.

2. Take a Whistle

I feel as though a whistle is one of the best safety tools available.


Because they are easy to carry.

Easy to use.

And you don’t have to worry about your child getting hurt on it.

Whereas, if you carry pepper spray or some of the other safety tools. your child could accidentally get hurt on them.

Have a whistle on a lanyard for every member of the family.

A break-away lanyard is best for personal safety reasons.

You can find them here.

If you are attacked, blow the whistle as loud as you can!

The noise may deter the criminal.

The last thing that a criminal wants is attention!

And the noise from the whistle will be drawing attention to you.

If your entire family starts blowing those whistles at once, guess what?

That criminal may just take off!

3. Trick-or-Treat in a Group

Going out as a family?


But take it up a notch!

Find another family to travel with.

Two families together make a larger group.

This may make it less likely that you will be a target.

4. Let There Be Light!

I know that it seems counterintuitive.

I mean, it is Halloween!

Everyone wants to be in the dark and enjoy the scene of it all!

But it is safer to be in well-lit areas.

Say the neighborhood that you live in does not have streetlights and is pretty dark.

Then you may want to scope out a different neighborhood that is well lit.

This way, you can still trick-or-treat, but in a safer area.

5. Carry Something

Some people carry pepper spray.

Others carry their keys.

Take something safe with you that you can use to defend yourself.

Some people have a permit to carry a weapon, but most don’t.

It doesn’t mean that you can’t have something on you to protect yourself.

It is important to check the local laws in your area to see what is legal to carry and what isn’t.

The number one thing that I take with me is this keychain.

You can carry your keys on it, but you can also defend yourself with it.

What I like about it is that if my kids gain access to it, they won’t hurt themselves.

Make certain that whatever you take with you, you have immediate access to it.

It defeats the purpose if you carry pepper spray, but you leave it somewhere in the bottom of your bag.

A criminal is not going to stand around and wait for you to dig out your pepper spray if he is trying to attack you!

You have to be ready and prepared every second that you are out!

6. Double Check Costumes

Your kids have the coolest costumes this year!

But are they safe?

Is your child able to see okay through the holes of his mask?

Is the long sheet that you wrapped your little ghost in a trip-and-fall hazard?

Check everyone’s costumes before going out.

Make certain that buttons are buttoned, and zippers are zipped.

Tie up any pieces that could cause your child to fall and get hurt.

Make certain that everyone’s shoes fit okay and that there are no loose shoelaces!

I know that everyone will be excited and in a hurry to go trick-or-treating.

But taking just a few seconds to look over all the costume pieces may be well worth it!

7. Lock Your Doors

Make certain that all of your doors and windows are locked upon leaving the house.

It is getting dark out and this is a prime time for breaking and entering attempts.

Some criminals may take advantage of everyone being distracted by all of the fun.

Lock up even if you are only going to trick-or-treat up and down the closest part of your street.

It only take a minute for a criminal to sneak in when you are not looking.

Don’t forget about that car in your driveway!

Thiefs like to look for money and valuables that you may have left behind.

Lock them doors!

8. Take Your Ring-a-Ding-Ding!


Simple enough.

And you may not even need me to remind you.

Infact, I may even sound like your nagging mother.


Don’t forget your phone!

If something happens out there, you’ll be glad that you had it on you!

9. But Stay Off of It!

Bring your phone for safety reasons.

But stay off of it!

A phone is great, but it can be a major distraction.

You’re going to want to be able to focus on your child and his whereabouts.

And chatting with Auntie Margo may keep your eyes from staying sharp.

Being distracted opens another door for criminals to attack.

Those dog-gone criminals love distracted individuals.

So don’t be scattered.

Stay off the phone and keep your eyes on your surroundings.

10. Pack Snacks.


Some of you may be saying:

Why take snacks when my child will have a whole bag of candy to eat from?!

Because you and I both know that kids get hungry when they leave the house.

It’s just a given.

And while, yes, your child will have a whole bag of candy to potentially eat from…

It’s not safe.

At least, not yet.

You need to check that candy before they eat it.

And you may miss something if you are trying to check it in the dark while on the trick-or-treat run.

So it may be best to pack a few light snacks that you can whip out while you’re gone.

11. Bring Water

If your child eats a snack, he may get thirsty.

Actually, I can pretty much guarantee he will be thirsty.

Then he’ll want something to drink.

So it may be a good idea to throw a few little bottles of water in with those snacks.

12. Choose a Safe Place

Before you start trick-or-treating, discuss a safe place with your child.

You’ll want to have a safe place for your child to go to incase he becomes separated from you.

Make certain that it is a well lit area.

Ideally, you may want your child to run to a well-familiar neighbor’s house.

Talk to your child about this ahead of time.

That way, if you two become separated on the walk, you know where to find each other.

If you take whistles, you can also blow a signal to let the other know where you’re at.

However you decide to stay safe this way, make sure everyone understands the exact protocol.

13. Keep a Distance

There may be a lot of people you may know in your neighborhood.

That’s great!

But there may also be a lot of strangers you may come across while you’re out.

Remind your child about how to stay safe around strangers.

And keep a bit of a distance when going up to other people’s doors.

Sure, your child needs to get close enough to get that piece of candy!

But talk to your child about not entering strangers’ homes if they invite him in.

And to be polite, but keep moving on after that candy drops into his bag.

The longer your child hangs around on a stranger’s porch, the higher the chance something may happen.

You’re Trick-or-Treat Ready!

If you have placed a check mark next to all of the above, then you are ready to go!

Get those candy bags and head out the door!

It is great to go out and have a fun time!

But that fun is done as soon as a less than desired event occurs.

No problem now!

You are prepared to keep your family safe and reassure a spooktacular time!


Did I forget anything?

If you have any other ideas on how to stay safe, leave a comment in the section below!




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